I still haven’t thrown away a lot of my pre-primal cooking things. Some still come in handy once in a while, but how often to I use cake pans, or a flour sifter these days? Not too often. So today I dug out the loaf pans which have been sitting idle for over a year. I didn’t make my sister’s delicious primal cranberry orange pound cake (although that would have been a good idea!). Nope, instead I pulled out some childhood memories and started to build a snow fort! Here’s how:


  • Pack snow into the bread pan (photo 1).
  • Invert the pan on the ground and carefully lift the pan away from the brick. For the first two layers, lay down two rows with the long side of the pan facing you.
  • Once you have one layer down, fill the pan with some light snow (don’t pack it) and use it to fill in the spaces between bricks (photo 2). Gently smooth it out with the underside of the pan and continue with the next layer.
  • After you have two layers, start laying the bricks with the short side facing you (a 90-degree turn from the way you were laying them before). Continue filling in the gaps, smoothing, and laying more bricks.
  • If one breaks, just wipe it away and do another.
  • Congratulations! You have a wall of snow (photo 3).

Pack, fill, build!