I love grapefruit. The flavor and aroma just make my taste buds water. So I was pleased to see that it’s one of many fruits that comes with benefits beyond being just delicious; it might just give your fat-burning metabolism the same boost as fasting does (IF you eat one each day for a number of weeks and yadda yadda yadda…). Grapefruit also contains a chemical called nookatone that is completely safe while being a fantastic mosquito repellant.

A juicy treat with great health benefits.

Back to eating grapefruit: I have always eaten them plain. With my spring allergies giving me a bit of a runny, sneezy nose these days, I’ve started savoring a spoonful of raw, local, unfiltered honey as a way to boost my immunity to some of these allergens. So today I combined the two, drizzling a bit of the honey over my grapefruit before digging in. While either is delightful on its own, together there is a layering of the sweet and bitter flavors that is nothing short of awesome.

So visit a local grocer or farmers’ market and pick up some honey made in your area, put a touch on a grapefruit and enjoy a delicious breakfast, post-workout snack or dessert.